The old text alerts have been replaced

The outdated text alert system has been discontinued because newer technology is better at reaching people in an emergency. No personal details or contact numbers previously contained within the text alerting system will be retained.
Emergency Mobile Alert (EMA)

You will be alerted automatically by the EMA if there is an emergency where you are. You don’t need to sign up to get EMAs; they will be sent directly to you from your cell-phone service provider (Vodafone, Spark, 2 Degrees).

 An EMA includes text information but it uses different technology than a text message. An EMA also makes a loud beeping noise when it sends out a warning.

Every phone that is in range, switched on and EMA-capable will get the alert (most phones are EMA-capable but you can check your phone is capable of receiving and EMA)

Red Cross Hazards App 

We also recommend you download the Red Cross Hazards App onto your phone.  The Red Cross Hazards app gives extra information on hazards like heavy rain and flooding.  You can choose which area(s) and which hazards you want to receive alerts for. 

As well as the Emergency Mobile Alert and Red Cross Hazards app, we will share important information through social media. Follow us at BOPCivilDefence on facebook and @BOPCivilDefence on Twitter.


In an emergency, you should also listen to the radio for updates as power and telecommunication outages are likely to impact your ability to get information from normal channels.


Remember, if you are near the coast and you feel an earthquake that is long (more than a minute) or strong (it’s hard to stand), don’t wait for an alert; evacuate inland or to higher ground.