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Sunday 29 March 2015

No Current Emergency

No Current Emergency

Posted Date: Tuesday 17 March 2015

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Social Media boosts CDEM reach

Social media proved a winner for Bay of Plenty Civil Defence during Cyclone Pam’s visit. The organisation’s Facebook page membership soared 196 percent from the previous week’s 1500 ‘likes’, with a total of 4,767 followers by the time Cyclone Pam moved offshore. And it wasn’t just those followers reached with each post – total reach was 93,845 people. People also stayed engaged after the storm passed, sharing photos and videos which the Civil Defence team encouraged as a record of the event. After Pam moved on people were quick to thank the team for their Facebook efforts. Comments included: “Chur thank u all at civil defence so much value having ur fb page to turn to and thank you all for caring an sharing [sic]”, “A fine job you guys did. You were a lifeline to us all” and “thank you for all the updates. Really appreciated. You guys are magic”. It shows that social media is a really valuable tool in the civil defence toolkit, and that as numbers grow we can use Facebook for preparations before an event as well as during one. “We hope that these new Facebook followers will keep up with our posts after events, and that Facebook can continue to be a useful avenue to keep people informed. We’ll always want more people to like our page.”

BOPCivlDefence Facebook page

Thanks to all those who sent in information, photos, and videos over the last few days. Check out some of the contributions on our facebook page

LATEST NEWS: Date: 25 Mar 2015
Social media boosts CDEM reach in an emergency | Social media boosts CDEM reach in an emergency 25 March 2015 Social media proved more

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